Q&A - Harish Kukreja is the Head of Compensation & Benefits for Fidelity International

Q&A - Harish Kukreja is the Head of Compensation & Benefits for Fidelity International

How would you describe your leadership style?

I have always seen leadership essentially having two styles either task-oriented or people-oriented leadership. I always focus on people and look for opportunities to leverage their strengths. As a leader I bring people with complementary skills together to achieve best results for the team and business.

What do you think makes a successful global reward team?

The prime challenge for any global function is to understand and appreciate the cultural differences amongst people from different nationalities. The way people conduct themselves is largely shaped by commonly held beliefs and values in a country. These differences offer both opportunities and challenges in building a successful global team. Therefore I think understanding and respecting cultural differences is the most important factor in establishing a successful team. Additionally, I do think a strong partnership with business and relationship with broader HR team are other important factors for a successful global reward team.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in reward facing financial services firms in this current climate?

The regulatory developments over the last few years have posed significant challenges for the reward function and there is no sign of this easing in the near future. Reward practices have come under huge pressure due to ongoing social and political scrutiny. I think the current climate is going to restrict industry’s ability to attract globally mobile talent particularly in the UK/ Europe. Financial services firms will find it extremely challenging to recruit best talent therefore may struggle to out-perform historical best performance.

How has your international experience shaped the way you conduct business?

We are an international business with number of countries across Europe and Asia. Debate and discussions on key subjects at Fidelity always are guided by our global presence and opportunities that we have in different local markets. My international experience has helped me appreciate diversity of local market challenges and has been instrumental in getting appropriate balance between global consistency and fit-for-purpose local solutions.