Q&A - Bruce Ball is the VP, HR for Alstom Group – UK & Ireland

Q&A - Bruce Ball is the VP, HR for Alstom Group – UK & Ireland

How would you describe your leadership style?

Leadership is first and foremost about people. It is about identifying talented individuals and creating a compelling story around what needs to be done. Instilling a desire and focus in employees gives rise to a chemical reaction whereby they release their capabilities in a shared direction. Top-down management no longer works in a world where employees have a choice and technology has made information accessible to all.

How has your international experience shaped the way you conduct business today?

I’ve had the great opportunity to work and live in some of the most important business centers of the world – London, Paris, New York and Toronto. In my global roles, I’ve gained invaluable insights into doing business in an environment where understanding different cultures, customs, values and norms plays a key part in achieving winning outcomes.

What do you think are the biggest reward challenges facing global organizations?

Two of the biggest challenges facing global organizations today are the trend towards hiring more local talent in emerging markets, and the need for increasing diversity in the workforce. Both these challenges arise directly from the business strategy, in the first case of wanting to be more connected to the customer and local market, and in the second case to lay the foundation for equality, diversity of ideas and increased creativity. These 2 challenges will require solid C&B supporting strategies which will be made more difficult by the need to maintain or lower cost.

How do you think the role of reward professionals has changed?

The role of reward professionals is evolving rapidly with many companies expanding internationally at the same time as major regulation is being introduced. Competent local market knowledge will be increasingly key to constructing programs and packages as will the creativity to build differentiated solutions which respect the new rules that have been designed to protect shareholder interests.

Bruce Ball is the VP, HR for Alstom Group – UK & Ireland.